Eh…why not? I asked myself.

smushed up two get pairing-answer questions memes and did it for Lydia/Jordan/Peter…because.

Who’s the messiest one: Lydia, Peter’s a bit of a neat freak, and Jordan’s used to living cleanly.

Who feels the most uncomfortable about PDA: Jordan, ‘cause you know Lydia’s almost eighteen, and Peter’s well…Peter

Who’s the funniest drunk: Well considering Lydia’s the only one who can get drunk her by default, though she’s not really a heavy drinker so she only really gets tipsy. But she’s more affectionate when tipsy.

Who texts the most: Lydia, but Jordan and Peter aren’t texting slouches themselves.

Who has the most embarrassing taste in music: They’ve all got their musical foibles: Jordan somehow got stuck in the 80s, musically speaking, and his Ipod reflects that; Peter’s a vinyl purist; and Lydia loves her mashups and remixes.

Who reads the most: Peter and Lydia read the most non-fiction, but Jordan’s no slouch in the fiction department and he’ll frequently recommend books to the others.

Who’s better with kids: Jordan, he’s just genuinely a nice person. But Lydia and Jordan were stunned the first time they saw Peter interact with kids, because he’s really good with them.

Who’s the one that fixes things around the house: Jordan and Peter usually split fixing duties.

Who’s got the weirdest hobby: Well Lydia does complex math in her spare time, Jordan’s a bit of a history factoid nut, and Peter got an A+ in Advanced Lurking back in the good old days; so they’re all a bit weird.

Who cooks and who cleans up: All of them cook, though Peter and Jordan do it more often, and so all of them clean up. Lydia made a schedule and everything.

Who is the big spoon/little spoon: Well since there’s three of them…It varies from night to night and occasion to occasion; most nights Jordan or Lydia are in the middle, but on Peter’s bad nights he finds himself being the one cuddled.

What is their favorite non-sexual activity: They all enjoy going to see movies together, especially at the local drive-in.

Who uses all the hot water in the morning: Jordan, which annoys Lydia to no end.

What they order for take out: Lydia likes Greek, Peter enjoys sushi, and Jordan’s got a soft spot for Turkish and Afgani food which are a pain to find in Beacon Hills.

What is the most trivial thing they fight over: What to make for dinner, they make a menu every week and there’s a lot of back and forth over what they’ll cook.

who controls the netflix queue: They all share it, and they are all amused by the strange things that pop up in their ‘recommended for you’ category.

who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: They all own the house they live in so Peter’s usually the one who goes down to the basement to fix the heater.

who steals the blankets: Well the blankets they have are a size bigger than their actual bed, so it all starts out fairly even, but come morning most of those blankets will be on Lydia’s side of the bed.

who remembers to buy the milk: Jordan, he’s got the most regular schedule and so gets saddled with grocery shopping more often than not.

who remembers anniversaries: Jordan, though Peter’s not bad at remembering either. Lydia’s usually too focused on her work, though she sets reminders on her phone.

Powerswap AU in which Alina is the one who is stronger, wiser, infinite in experience and Aleksandar is the apt pupil

Powerswap AU in which Alina is the one who is stronger, wiser, infinite in experience and Aleksandar is the apt pupil


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#no kitten food goes in the bowl #then food goes in you #you seem to have confused a step

#if i fits i sits



#no kitten food goes in the bowl #then food goes in you #you seem to have confused a step

#if i fits i sits

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alyseofwonderland replied to your post: alyseofwonderland replied to your pos…

YOU PUT THAT WINE BACK I REFUSE TO DO THIS RIGHT NOW. I have some weird image of Peter and Parrish alone and like Lydia watching from the corner fully clothed and doing her nails……


I totally see that too. Shes like, “I am not in the mood, so get me in the mood” and she points to them and the more she watches seemingly uninterested filing her nails, the more a smile starts to appear in her lips. Eventually she beckons them to her after a good 20 minutes and they worship every inch of her body.

DOOOOO IIIIITTTT Alyse! Someone else needs to share this OT3 writing pain with me!



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I need to be left alone with my thoughts now, and this back massager….

[slides a bottle of wine your way] for when you are done thinking of all the hot hot sweaty hot ot3.

Imagine: Parrish, Lydia and Peter all share a big house together in the middle of the woods, after one particular bad day Jordan Parrish comes home all frustrated and heated, which seeing him like that always turns Lydia on because not only is it adorable but it hot as hell, and quite frankly when Lydia is turned on Peter can smell it on her and too is turned on and they decide to burn Parrish’s fire a little brighter and in a better way.

You know if you guys actually want me to finish something you’ve got to stop giving me new ideas.

…It’s counter intuitive is all I’m saying



[[I had to ok I watched this dang movie four times already]]


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No Peter in tonight’s episode because he is gearing up for a reunion with his wife for the next episode. Great great great scenes with our ever gorgeous goddess (She was obsessed with the Little Mermaid my headcanon became 100% true last night that was one of my all time biggest personal Lydia headcanons I am screaming btw)

Also some GREAT! scenes with the other corner of my OT3, Jordan Parrish saving his queen later on, she and her king will pay back Parrish in sexual thanks and favors.

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*Shifty eyes* DON’T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT BRITTA! …It’s coming along, Rewriting weaponized’s got me tangled up. *bleh* But the Benefactor reveal totally gave me motive! Hopefully an awesome unexpected plot twist one.

…and stop giving me ideas…

Was the DJ being bribed to put ultrasonics in the music?





Seriously so much senses stuff you can screw with with werewolves that should totally be used.


I am not God, but I do know the best way to screw up a werewolf is to fuck with their senses. Ultrasonics screw your inner ear up like crazy, bad for everyone, but worse for werewolves who can actually pick it up.

Okay you might be Lydia Martin because that is genius you should start writing meta

*Blushes* and you’re a sweetheart for thinking that! And I do write Meta. .. sometimes, but most of the time all my stuff goes into my fics, because I’d rather fix the problems than try and figure out what the hell’s going on in Jeff Davis’ mind.

I guessed evil!Grandma but Evil!Meredith is a surprise

Well fuck

Don’t question Jordan asshole

You know I’m happy we found out what ultrasonics do to werewolves

good writing info.



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At least MTV’s being good about telling me the next ep of Teen Wolf’s on Sunday

Thanks MTV

Uh oh

fire bad

Also Stiles, it’s kind of hard for her to NOT hear the tape when it’s that loud